Introducing the World's First Fully Managed
Ground Segment Pipeline as a Service

A New Ground solution for New Space designed to transform your downlinked
satellite data into high scientific quality “Analytics Ready Data” (ARD) at scale.

How Good is Your Mission?

Mission-level designs combine satellite design with ground segment design to bring the highest value to the end customer.

The UrthePipeline is designed to generate Analytics Ready Data products from all types of satellites including satellites with lower cost GPS, star trackers, and optical systems.

Ready for Analytics?

Remote sensing specialists and data scientists routinely report that they spend as much as 80% of their time as “data hygienists” dealing with quality issues and normalizing different data sets.

Today's Imagery Challenge

The UrthePipeline removes the pre-processing, normalization and image transformation tasks from your workflow at scale, delivering Analytics Ready Data (ARD) products ready to be used in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications seamlessly, securely, and rapidly.

UrthePipeline Enables Analytics

See the Signals?

Radiometric accuracy is crucial for deriving quantifiable change and actionable insights without false positives.

Without UrthePipeline

The UrthePipeline delivers scientific quality radiometrically accurate products designed for geoanalytics.

With UrthePipeline

Know Your Location?

Some data providers have products that are geometrically misaligned, which is challenging for end users.

Without UrthePipeline
Poor geolocation - cannot track river flow
and identify risk of floods

The UrthePipeline guarantees geometrically aligned image products for interoperability and geoanalytics.

With UrthePipeline
Accurate geolocation – able to provide
automated alerts for flooding

Have Business Agility?

Each customer has a different need from rapid delivery to massive product volumes. A Ground Segment must be capable of cost-effective adaptation to the scale and latency needs of your business.

The UrthePipeline elastically scales to customer demand with tunable latency, providing a low-cost ability to execute your business model.