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Geosys Connects Croptical® Farm Monitoring Tool with the John Deere Operations Center

Geosys Connects Croptical® Farm Monitoring Tool with the John Deere Operations Center

Users can now benefit from the seamless integration of field maps built with proven, scientific-grade data

Maple Grove, Minn. (July 23, 2019)Geosys announces the availability of maps from its Croptical® farm monitoring tool through the John Deere Operations Center. By integrating the satellite data from the Croptical tool with the Ag production data on Operations Center, users will be able to quickly detect changes in the field – often before visible signs appear. The integration will also empower the Croptical tool with more accurate field data for enhanced analytics.

“We strive to be an enabler within the industry and have a long history of working with a variety of partners to integrate satellite-based analytics into their workflows,” says Matthieu Hyrien, Geosys vice president of sales. “So, providing access to only the most relevant maps through the John Deere Operations Center made a lot of sense. Growers have access to a lot of data today, we can help identify and prioritize which analytics they should look at.”

By utilizing the John Deere API, Geosys is providing access to vegetation index field maps directly into retailers’ platform of choice. Within the Operations Center, users can quickly evaluate which fields need their attention and where in the fields they should focus their scouting efforts. Plus, growers can seamlessly identify the probable causes of crop growth anomalies by analyzing their Ag production data alongside the most recent satellite maps.

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About Geosys

Geosys is the first global digital agriculture company founded by agronomists. With 30 years of industry experience, Geosys provides clients with data, analysis and insights needed to make more informed decisions. Services range from worldwide risk management and monitoring agricultural commodities, to input sales and precision farming support by using the latest research in agronomics, information technologies and remote sensing. Geosys also develops highly customized business solutions for large, multinational agricultural companies. Acquired by EarthDaily Analytics in 2019, Geosys is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices in Europe, Australia, and Brazil.  For more information, visit



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