The OptiSAR™ Constellation

Revolutionizing the world’s ability to monitor our planet. Every day. Rain or shine. Night and day

The future is OptiSAR™

16 Satellites: 8 tandem pairs, 2 orbital planes

OptiSAR™ is designed to be the world’s first fully-integrated, multispectral optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) constellation of Earth Observation satellites. Providing unprecedented capabilities, OptiSAR™ is aimed at solving real-world problems and creating tools for world change.

It’s built for researchers, developers, and analysts to gain unprecedented and extremely valuable data and information products at high revisit rates over their areas of interest — regardless of obstacles like tree cover and weather phenomena.

Unmatched sensor diversity

The Constellation’s tandem pairings are designed to allow for near-simultaneous acquisition of SAR and optical data. Separated by only a couple of minutes, each satellite pair is made to provide 1m resolution X-band and 5m resolution L-band imagery with a GSD of 0.5m, and 0.5m color video at 30 fps. To maintain extremely high image quality, each spacecraft pair’s onboard meteorological camera will be built to measure Earth’s atmospheric data.

High-powered imagery

By combining SAR and optical data, we aim to provide a groundbreaking imagery product derived entirely from SAR, using a processor that’s ‘trained’ by optical data captured during ideal weather conditions. Using metadata, richer information can be gleaned than from optical data alone — and anyone will be able to interpret it. This can facilitate powerful geospatial analytics, regardless of cloud coverage, day and night.

Unparalleled average daily revisit

With 16 satellites in two orbit planes and our unique SAR capabilities, the OptiSAR™ constellation is built to be the only sensor system capable of guaranteeing cloud-free image products of your areas of interest, every single day, often multiple times a day.

With OptiSAR™, clouds are no longer a barrier to obtaining regular imagery data.