Advanced Automated Maritime Surveillance

SAR-XL Application

The dual band nature of the SAR-XL payload combined with the on-board SAR processor enables an entirely new level of maritime surveillance capability that is a world first: A High Resolution Wide Swath (HRWS) SAR capability with a tasking-collection-processing-exploitation-dissemination (TCPED) time of only a few seconds.

The L-band ScanSAR beams are squinted forward by about 1 sec, as illustrated below, and provide 200 km swath width with uninterrupted continuous coverage. This data is processed on-board in real-time and all objects are identified. The X-band beams are then tasked to take localized high resolution images of the detected objects, which are also processed on-board in real-time.

The end result is a stream of high-resolution X-band image chips of all the detected objects within the wide L-band swath, together with their location, speed and heading information. All of this is ready to downlink within seconds of detecting the objects, and only needs a low data rate comms channel such as S-band or even UHF, which opens up the possibility of using small terminals on the ground for rapid, tactical dissemination of this high value information. The high-resolution X-band data can then be fed into Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI) algorithms for automated object classification.