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The use of APIs to provide access to satellite data through a GIS webserver in Ukraine

GEOSYS and GLOBAL GIS Collaborate to Add In-Season and Historical Satellite Imagery into the GIS WebServer AGROPORTAL 

GEOSYS has recently formalized a collaboration with Global GIS, a company specialized in Precision Farming Information System based in Ukraine, to add in-season and historical satellite imagery in their GIS Webserver Agroportal, which already has such basic functions as: land cadastre, passport fields, technological maps, accounting for fur. works, GPS monitoring TK, agroctonol, agrochemical analysis, UAV inspection, integration of 1C and a lot more.

As part of this collaboration, precision farming applications currently available within Geosys products portfolio, are also being integrated in Global GIS geoportal, allowing users to take full advantage of the satellite imagery program managed by Geosys, for their activities.

A strategic partnership to build unique digital solutions for agribusinesses in Ukraine

Having access to both the Global GIS Geoportal and the Geosys satellite database via a single tool meets a growing market need for a complete and reliable solution in Ukraine.

Agro Holdings, Medium and Small sized farms, Banks and Ag-Retail companies can now access to everything they need through a comprehensive tool powered with high quality satellite data and a full set of features to make the best use of it.

This collaboration is a great example of how well-established agricultural organizations are working together to better serve Key players part of the Agricultural Industry.

Scientific grade data to monitor the crop development stage and make important decisions at the right time

Geosys satellite data available through Agroportal can be classified in 5 categories:

  1. Vigor Indicator: Possibility to use 4 different vegetation indexes NDVI, GNDVI, CVI, EVI to analyze vigor trends.
  2. Low Resolution Data: Vegetation curves and maps based on daily updated data.
  3. Medium Resolution Data: Field Variability Maps showing the spatial variability of the crop development within field. (updated every 5 days)
  4. Samz Zoning: Definition of productivity zones in the field thanks to historical NDVI maps.
  5. Nitrogen mapping: Intra-field fertilization maps generated according to the real needs of the crop and field heterogeneity

Data Satellite key advantages for Agri-Business companies in their daily operations

Soil potential estimate and Input management   Maps provide information on the field and intra-field potential. Being able to locate rich and poor soil areas helps build the sowing and fertilization strategies. Images are regularly converted into in-field management zones and are then used for zone-based management. Instead of treating the whole field as a management zone, for example by way of variable rate growth regulator and foliar fertilizer application.

Sowing adjustments   Possibility to monitor the vegetation growth from 1 week after the sowing date. Agronomist will be able to check the level of homogeneity of the plant growth at the field scale and to quickly identify issues.

Crop monitoring   Daily monitoring helps understand the situation in each field in real time and identify impacts of climatic events (frost, flood, drought, hail). The imagery provides users with regular snapshots of their crop and assists them with targeted crop scouting and making the correct crop-management decision.

Harvesting   Thanks to NDVI curves, Users can compare the current situation with previous years and estimate the yield. Agronomist can better evaluate financial risks and take strategic decisions on a business perspective.

GEOSYS and Global GIS mission: “Providing the best possible precision agriculture tools to our Customers”

“Being able to offer GEOSYS imagery as part of our wider offerings, allows us to provide the best possible precision agriculture tools to our clients. The integration of GEOSYS’ high-frequency imagery into Agroportal will greatly enhance the offerings of our agronomic partners,” said Global GIS Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Vitaliy Belenkov.

“By pairing this new source of data with the existing data already being managed in the Global GIS system, agronomists will be more effective in their daily work.”

“Due to a variety of factors, including the current low commodity prices, it is increasingly important for agribusinesses to have the best tools to manage risk and improve efficiencies,” said Mr. Yuriy Pekun, CIS Sales Manager at GEOSYS. “Partnering with a well-established organization like Global GIS gives our clients in Ukraine confidence in the ability to combine categorically different insights to improve crop management and positively impact yield.”

Geosys Bridge API: the Data supply channel between Geosys and Global GIS

Geosys and Global GIS IT teams have worked together to integrate a wide range of data and functionalities in Agroportal via application programming interface (API) called Geosys Bridge API. Multi source satellite images are acquired and processed by Geosys and delivered as added value maps and data on its platform.

Geosys Data is thus downloaded via an API – from the Geosys web service – and stored in Agroportal information database.

Access to Geosys Satellite Data and functionalities will require a subscription to Agroportal.



If you are interested in receiving more information about this collaboration and Geosys Data via Global GIS Agroportal, please contact us:

GEOSYS – Yuriy PEKUN  +38 (097) 796 02 43


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