We have liftoff!

On November 25th, 2013 at 12:53pm (PST) UrtheCast's two cameras rocketed towards the International Space Station. Watch the launch celebration as the world's first HD video camera makes history aboard a Soyuz rocket.

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Photo credit NASA EO.

We have liftoff!

Space, here we come

The launch of our cameras marks a giant leap for UrtheCast. Once they're installed on the ISS and the platform goes live, you'll be able to view Earth as you've never seen it before, while the platform showcases footage of the globe and helps you tour around your favorite locales.

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#URlaunch2013 on Twitter

Caspian Sea. Photo credit NASA EO.

It's the final countdown

Soon: Watch as Planet Earth evolves, right before your eyes.

When UrtheCast begins streaming spectacular views of Earth, you will be able to experience the planet in HD, for free, as soon as you create an UrtheCast account.

Namibian Desert. Photo credit NASA EO.


Observing the world, together.

UrtheCast has established partnerships and agreements with various companies and organizations around the world.

  • RAL Space
  • Energia
  • Discovery Channel
  • United Nations
  • Deforest Action

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