O Canada.

Hello, world: UrtheCast’s newest imagery from space has arrived.

Captured by our medium-resolution camera, Theia, this image of the area surrounding the city of Winnipeg, Canada, gives us another excellent preview of UrtheCast's near realtime stream from space.

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From her perch aboard the Zvezda module of the ISS, Theia captures 6-meter class, 50-km-wide swaths of still imagery, which will be made commercially available on the UrtheCast platform. While the images will be made available individually, they will also be processed and constantly fed to the UrtheCast platform, bringing you a perpetual stream of the Earth as it passes below the Station.

Theia’s near realtime stream will give you a chance to see some truly breathtaking sights — from fuming volcanoes, to the pulse of the city and its web of lights at night.

Venezuela. Photo credit UrtheCast.

Coming soon:

Earth in Ultra HD

Watch in Ultra HD as the Earth evolves before your eyes, day to day, month to month and year to year. Not only will you be able to zoom, rewind and explore buzzing urban zones, you’ll be able to explore areas of the globe yet to be touched by humans — where no woman or man has gone before.

From the snow tipped peaks of the Rocky Mountains, to the boats that glide down the Hudson toward Lady Liberty, UrtheCast will soon broadcast near realtime footage, in Ultra HD, from across the globe.

On the horizon…

  • A near realtime stream of Earth below the ISS
  • 60-second videos at 30 frames per second
  • A socially integrated, interactive web platform
  • Open access to UrtheCast APIs
  • Products and applications
  • Business applications, solutions, and value-added products