Learn about the UrtheCast platform

Photo credit NASA EO.

UrtheCast's two cameras will stream unprecedented footage of our evolving Earth to anyone with an internet connection. In near real time, you will be able to visit your favourite locales and learn about current events as they unfold.

From high above the clouds, watch as landscapes and bodies of water roll by.

See the sun rise in one country and set in another.

From sunny days to city lights, UrtheCast will continuously broadcast the planet.

The near-live feed

When logged in to UrtheCast’s near-live feed, you will be able to view Earth through our socially integrated, interactive web platform. Your basic UrtheCast profile will be entirely free. All you will need is an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Explore Earth

Travel virtually to your favourite locales, plan events around an ISS pass-over, or watch how places change over time.

American West. Photo credit ESA.

View the Earth change

Create a free account to view your favourite places, and see how they evolve day to day, and year to year.

Join the community

Help foster global engagement by sharing your own Earth footage and commenting on the diverse places you discover.

Follow current events

UrtheCast will showcase satellite video and imagery of world-changing events and locations.

Barcelona Spain. Photo credit JAXA, ESA.

Subscribe to your favorite places

After creating a free account, you’ll be able to subscribe to your favourite places and watch your world change. You’ll receive realtime notifications as the UrtheCast cameras capture new imagery and video of your favourite places.

Camera coverage

Our cameras will constantly be rolling as the ISS circles the world, 16 times a day. They will capture video and imagery below the Station’s orbit, where approximately 90% of the world’s population lives.

51° to -51° latitude

The cameras will traverse latitudes ranging from England, to Chile, and everywhere in between.

Strips of imagery 40km wide

UrtheCast’s 5-metre resolution camera will capture any location that the ISS passes over, generating large strips of 40km-wide imagery, 365 days a year.

60-second videos

UrtheCast’s one-metre resolution video camera will capture up to 150 videos of Earth in 4K-resolution — Ultra HD. Depending on flyover conditions, video length will generally be 60-seconds long.

Premium accounts

Account service upgrades will be available for priority camera tasking and exclusive rights to video and imagery.

Learn more

Glacier. Photo credit NASA EO.

Download a Theia product sample

Theia, our medium resolution camera, is now capable of commercial imaging.