Watch our world change, from space.

UrtheCast brings you the first, near-live Ultra HD video platform of Earth.

Love at first light

UrtheCast’s medium-resolution camera, Theia, has captured imagery of Earth from the International Space Station.

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Destination: International Space Station

Now installed on the ISS, the UrtheCast cameras will soon begin streaming footage of Earth from the ISS to our interactive web platform.

See life unfold

Watch the world change, from a powerful perspective that few have ever experienced.

All night, all day

From sunrise to sunset, 16 times a day, watch as the ISS circles the globe.

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Using the UrtheCast web platform, you can help us foster global citizenship, scientific curiosity, and environmental stewardship.

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Harness this powerful Ultra HD Earth platform by using UrtheCast APIs in your products and applications.

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UrtheCast's platform will reveal insights into your locations of interest and offer you premium, competitive services.

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